Writing in other places


A funny thing happened recently: other people have taken an interest in my writing, and now my work is showing up in places that are not my blog. The sites I’ve worked with are in alphabetical order, and then the articles are listed in chronological order.


Hooded Utilitarian

Rock Is Dead

Is Iggy Azalea the Female Vanilla Ice?


Nice Job Einstein

Project pending


Splice Today

Contraception and Controversy

Discussing Sexual Harassment

Court-Sanctioned Gender Discrimination

Clueless Womanizers at the Top Levels

Fox News: Proud Home of Dim-Witted Misogyny

Pro-Life Republicans Against Vaccines

What’s Wrong With the Rape on Campus Discussion

The Current State of the Army

Hackers Are the New Pickpockets

The Perpetual Media Circus

Stopping the Conversation

College Protesters Don’t Understand Free Speech

You Don’t Understand Intersectional Feminism

We Must Protect the Rights of All Americans

Women in Politics: A Double Standard

Germany Updates Its Rape Laws

It’s Worth Standing Beside Them

My Own Country Hates Liberals

We Need to Pay Attention to the Alt-Right

Hyper-Partisan Confirmation Bias

Current Democratic Electoral Strategy is Myopic

Dennis Prager Doesn’t Understand Women

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Fighting Tyranny in America

Martin Shkreli Is a Creepy Stalker

Film Review: “HyperNormalisation” Is Conspiratorial, Provocative

Bill Maher’s Disappointing Interview of Milo Yiannopoulos

The Perils of Iterative Journalism

The Year the Frappuccino Went National

Today’s Truest Dystopian Novel

How Safe Is Your Safe Space?

No, It’s Not Just Eddie Vedder Left

Gender and the Manchester Bombing

Dated Humor In the Trump Era

YouTube’s Failed Experiment

A Permanent State of Infantilization

Humble Heroes

Hugh Hefner’s Questionable Feminism

How to Stop the Next Harvey Weinstein

Hope for Lasting Freedom in Russia

The #MeToo Age Gap

A Snapshot From the Civil Rights Movement

Deciphering Writers’ Feuds at Splice Today

Rotten Apples in “The Breakfast Club”

Evaporated Dragon Energy

“The Final Year” is a Lefty Love-In

Perceptions of Reality in “How TV Ruined Your Life”

My Restaurant Encounters With a Drunk

The Lasting Legacy of New Order


Hooked on American Horror Story

Eerie Similarities Between American and Russian Psyche 

Analyzing the Crazy Man Clause

Revisiting Heathers

Camille Paglia’s Her Own Worst Enemy

Why Won’t They Go on Fox?

A Prolonged Assault on Public Health 

The Phenomenon of Fire Haircuts 

Twitter is the Burn Book in Politics

Portals to Hell in AHS

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