Another day, another uterine invasion.

Another day, another uterine invasion. Thanks, Michigan!

Per Jezebel: the-nation-in-batshittery?tag=roe-v%27-world

Partial pull: “The 60-page bill was introduced just last week by Republican Representative Bruce Rendon and contains all matter of horrors. For starters, all abortions after 20 weeks would be criminalized—no exceptions for victims of rape or if the fetus has a severe anomaly, like…missing a brain or a spine…There is a very narrow exception made if the mother’s life is at risk, but simply her health and/or future fertility is not reason enough to allow an abortion. Well, how very pro-life indeed. Oh, it’d also make it a crime to coerce a woman into having an abortion…This lovely bill would also require that health centers that perform more than six abortions in a month be equipped with surgery rooms, even if they don’t do surgical abortions…Women need to be screened to be sure there’s no “coercion” going on. A doctor needs to be present for medication abortions, and no telemedicine is allowed, so doctors won’t be able to use technology to prescribe medication abortions from afar or even prescribe the morning-after pill. And, just for good measure, the bill also puts in place elaborate new regulations for the disposal of fetal remains.”

But it’s not like there’s a war on women or anything. The GOP just wants government so tiny, it fits in our uteri. Or maybe just a uterine tracking device so us gals can be accessable by remote control, and just cut out the middle-men already.
[Storms off in a huff.]