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One of my favorite shows is Fashion Police, mainly because I’ve always loved Joan Rivers—a little something I inherited from my mom. One of the first comedy albums I ever listened to was one of my mom’s Joan Rivers albums. And according to my mother, one of the best shows she’s ever been to was one of Joan’s stand-up gigs in the ‘70s, and Mom still raves about the black velvet pantsuit that Joan wore. So yeah, Mom and I bond over Fashion Police.

Last night’s episode featured Kris Jenner filling in for Giuliana Rancic, and what I found kind of mind-blowing was her reaction to Cate Blanchett’s photo print dress.

Cate has always been one to have eccentric, avant-garde tastes in fashion, and I love her for it. Cate is one of the greatest actresses of her generation, and has a great résumé to show for it. She’s famous for being an artist, and an accomplished woman worth admiring. Also, Cate has done a terrific job of keeping her private life private.

Kris Jenner, on the other hand, is famous for marrying money (the late attorney, Robert Kardashian), marrying fame (Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner), and fame-pimping her kids. The whole Kardashian “media/fashion empire” is built on her daughter, Kim, being a rich, pretty girl with a big ass and a sex tape. Nobody sings or acts, the Kardashians are just famous for breathing in and out on camera.

So what does any of this have to do with Cate Blanchett’s dress? Look at the photo in the print of her dress. It’s a picture of a man wearing a hard hat and there’s a ladder in background. That’s usually the sort of image one has in mind when someone refers to the Average Working Stiff. Early on, in last night’s episode of Fashion Police, Kris said that she just didn’t understand the image of a guy in a hard hat, with a ladder, and seemed rather offended that Cate Blanchett wore a dress that reminded her that Average Working Stiffs exist. At the end of the episode, when Joan and her crew were voting for their best and worst dressed of the week, Kris picked Cate, and really drove home the point that she didn’t understand the image on the dress at all. My mother shouted, “That’s because the guy in the hard hat has a real job!”

So let’s take a moment and applaud my mother for being awesome.

Yup, that’s it. Professional fame-whore and golddigger Kris Jenner couldn’t understand a picture of an Average Working Stiff. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. She lives in a cloistered world where the only working people she encounters are the ones who wait on her—valets, housekeeping, wait staff, etc. Men in hard hats are off in the distance on utility poles, or tracking dirt in the house when she’s remodeling a room that looks dated.

I honestly don’t know anything about Kris Jenner from before she married Robert Kardashian and started popping out little irrelevant celebrities-to-be, and I don’t care to. My judgment call is on who she is now, and what’s she’s really accomplished, which is…??? Actually, she has made something of a media/fashion empire out of having an attractive daughter with a big ass and a sex tape—making the proverbial lemonade out of lemons. My harshest judgment is for everybody that bought in: someone is watching the Kardashians’ shows, buying their clothes and cosmetics, and whatever else they sell.

As for Cate’s dress—I don’t love it, and I don’t hate, but I do find it interesting. I do like the photo print trend, and I think the simple A-line cut is a good choice for a photo print. Also, I like that Cate kept her accessories and hair simple. What I don’t like is how the grommetting overpowered the print and made it look really busy. But I still appreciate that Cate took a fashion risk, and in the process, exposed just a shallow a professional fame whore can be.